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Dear loyal customers,

After 37 years, we have decided it’s time to hang up the oven mitts and for us to close this chapter on what has been such a huge part of our family lives.

We made this decision late last year, before all of this year's shenanigans and although it has taken some time to find the right buyer, we are now in a position to hand over the keys. We will be open as usual up until the 24th of December. This will be our last day in the restaurant before Chez Tonton closes its doors.

It’s difficult to put into words how much our customers, friends, family, will be missed. You’ve all made Chez Tonton what it is today.

We know it’s been a tough year and in different circumstances we would have loved to have had a farewell party, raid the wine racks one last time and find out if that accordion actually works. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible. However, we would still love to hear from you. We’d love to hear your stories and memories you’ve shared with us and maybe any pictures you may have. Making these memories with you is what has kept us going and we would love to relive them and have a way to keep in touch so please feel free to email us at ""

Not only was our recipes, charm and ambiance imported from France but all of our staff were as French as they come. To our staff, a huge Merci. There are lots of special mentions but none more deserving than our Head Chef, Hubert who has been with us for over 14 years, creating some of the best food we so often brag about. We couldn't have done it without you all.

We started this journey together so long ago it feels like a monumental step for us to take a step back and soak in what an achievement and success we've built. We are very fortunate to be in our position and looking forward to enjoying the years to come. We've treated this year's lockdowns almost as a little teaser to what awaits us and although restrictive, the freedom of having time to ourselves and knowing what was around the corner really has given us a sense of excitement for our next adventures.

So with all that said, with a heavy heart but a spring in our step we say

Merci et au revoir
Eric and Claudine

©2014 Chez Tonton